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Cosmos Discovery - World exhibition comming to Brno

Ten thematic interactive galleries feature the history of space conquest from first dreams to development of piloted space flights, realized space expedition to the Moon, futuristic visions of human habitation of space and true hero’s stories travelled beyond the boundaries of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Cosmos galleries:

  1. Dreams and Visions
  2. Cosmos Discovery Cinema
  3. Initial Exploration of Space
  4. Journey to the Moon
  5. Soyuz Project
  6. Life in Space
  7. Space Shuttles
  8. Stories of Heroes
  9. Mars and the Future
  10. Cosmos Camp and Space Shop

A unique audio-visual experience unfolds throughout the exhibition space with authentic sound tracks and original video recordings from NASA, and more than 200 artifacts and period documents from the USA and Soviet Union.

Visitors will be captivated and surprised by this absorbing study into the importance of science in space and the future of space exploration.

Exhibits Include:

  • Residential part of the orbital station Mir – New exhibit!
  • Original component of the Saturn 5 rocket F1 engine (displayed for the first time outside the U.S.)
  • Original Apollo return module engine
  • Original part of the Houston control center
  • Original space shuttle nozzle
  • Three original modules from the Russian Soyuz spaceship
  • American spaceship from the Mercury Friendship 7 project
  • Transit model of the Columbia space shuttle cockpit
  • Apollo control module
  • 1:10 model of the American Saturn 5 booster rocket
  • Russian Lunokhod prototype
  • Collection of meteorites, including a rock from Mars
  • Opportunity Mars rover replica

Educational and fun at the same time. Suitable for professional public, schools and families.

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