Archiving and cataloging of collections and collection objects 

Cosmos Discovery

The Cosmos Discovery exhibition began the history of the FUTURE ART MUSEUM. 

The completely unique exposition of the history of manned space flights was created on the basis of the long-term cooperation of FUTURE ART MUSEA with the COSMOSPHERE museum and educational center in the USA. The American space agency NASA and the European space agency ESA are the second major partners of this original and completely unique exhibition in Europe. The Czech Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, the Astronomical Institute and many other scientific institutions also participated in the exhibition. 


Thanks to this professional collaboration across continents and scientific fields, a spectacular exhibition was created with hundreds of original exhibits, some of which have returned from outer space. At the exhibition, visitors will see spaceships, orbital stations and space shuttles. Visitors can admire original artifacts from the moon, the American Apollo spacecraft, computers from the Kennedy Control Center in Houston, the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, the cockpit of the space shuttle Columbia or the Saturn V engine nozzle, which was picked up from the bottom of the ocean and was the only one to be transported to Europe. The exhibition is of great scientific and educational importance, as it presents the history of space exploration quite objectively and truthfully, but also deals with current and planned missions, both those in which the Czech Republic is directly involved, and others such as SpaceX or NASA projects . The exhibition is thus a unique probe into the modern history of mankind and at the same time gives its visitors a glimpse into the near and distant future. 


Treasure of the Incas

Pokad Inka is a magnificent museum project that will transport its visitors thousands of years into the past, to the ancient times of pre-Columbian civilizations on the South American continent. The President of Peru himself had to give approval for the export of Peru's national cultural heritage of incalculable value, and the golden treasure was accompanied to Brno by representatives of the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture. Thousands of years old exhibits of pre-Columbian cultures made of gold, silver, copper, semi-precious stones, but also unusually large emeralds and amethysts required not only perfect security and safety. The entire JVS GROUP team had to devote special professional care to this historic collection of 100 original exhibits in cooperation with professional restorers from the Technical Museum Brno and the curator of the collection Jon C. Cordová - Independent Museum Registrar & Collections Coordinator. Moreover, in addition to a very imaginative and artistically original exhibition, it was also necessary to precisely comply with the specific temperature and air humidity requirements, so that the exhibits of immense historical value would not be damaged during display - above all, so that they would not corrode further. 


All the wonderful gold exhibits come from the Museos Oro Del Perú in Lima, whose director Camila Pérez Palacio Mujika personally opened the exhibition. At the exhibition, visitors will thus encounter the legacy of the ancient rulers of the pre-Columbian civilizations of South America, with their treasures and crown jewels. The age of some exhibits of the exhibition is more than 3000 years. The National Museum also cooperated with the Inca Treasure exhibition by lending its exhibits from Central America, as well as the leading Czech expert on South American cultures specializing in Peru - Eva Barrioso Farfánová, who lent a part of her original collection of South American ceramics to the exhibition for a long time._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Private collection activity focused on contemporary Czech fine art


JVS GROUP has been following and cooperating with many important Czech visual artists for a long time. This support of the Czech art scene belongs to the long-term goals and patronage intentions of the entire concept of management of art collections covered by the JVS GROUP. Collecting activity not only creates the basis for future more extensive exhibition activities dedicated to Czech modern fine art, but also acts as a significant support and engine for the artists themselves, who are often dependent on the sale of their works for their existence.  


Among the most famous Czech artists with whom JVS GROUP cooperates in this way are:

  • Stanislav Kolíbal

  • Martin Krajc

  • Jiří Georg Dokoupil

  • Petr Písařík

  • Jiří Matejů